X genus ac схема

x genus ac схема
Numerous tweaks to the controls to make things more convenient. Also select ‘Midpoint root’ in «Trees» control palette. FigTree crashed with an exception when run on certain Linux variants. Issue 64: Putting node bars on translates the tree to the right (now really fixed, I think). 2014-06-14 — v1.4.1 Bug fixes and new features New features: Copy selected subtrees to clipboard as NEXUS format.

Bugs fixed: Issue 102: Large SVG files from figtree are broken Issue 95: Changing the origin value for the Scale Axis does not work Issue 94: The trait legend overlaps the tree. Issue 64: Putting node bars on translates the tree to the right. Rotate nodes — select node and click rotate button in toolbar. Issue 75: Export PNG & JPEG produce blank images.

Bugs fixed: Issue 76: Scale axis should only show as many decimal places as necessary. ‘FishEye’ (1-dimensional) zooming — in «Layout» control palette. New colour scheme for continuous attributes also based on HSB. The old interpolating colour scheme is still available. Bugs fixed: Fixed an issue with ‘branch’ attributes not being loaded from a NEXUS file. Reroot tree — select node and click reroot button in toolbar.

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