Пресс п233а схема

Married in 1936. Took managership of Clock Garage, Woodville, Swadlincote, in 1938, and bought own business (as above) in 1939. Served during war as Flight Engineer on bombers and finished service as Flight Lieut. in Transport Command. Has been driving instructor with Stewart and Arden Ltd. Min. Engr. to Central Min. and Investment Corpn., Ltd., London; b. 1873; 3rd s. of Henry W. Martin, Min.

Исходя из этих функций, можно выделить два самых основных самых эффективных упражнений для прямой мышцы живота(пресса): Скручивания лежа Обратные скручивания Скручивания лежа выполняются на полу либо на римском стуле или на наклонной доске. Subsequent shop experience with W. H. Allen & Co., Ltd.; Alfred Herbert, Ltd.; Hermet et Miquet (France), and other firms. Clubs: St. Stephen’s; Victoria Working Men’s. War Services.—Held commission (1909-18) in znd London Sanitary Company R. A.M.C. (T.F. ); 914-8— Commanded company with rank of Major. Tramways. Address: 55, Piccadilly, Manchester. McMILLAN, Professor Duncan, M.C., A.M.I. Mech.E., Mechanical and Automobile Engineer, The University, Cape Town; b. 1880. Edinburgh— Preliminary Education; Glasgow—Royal Technical College; Glasgow University. Engrs., 9, Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W.I. T. A.: » Penlee, Vic.» T. N.: Victoria 47. MATTHEWS, William, M.In st.C.E., F.R. San.I. (Member of Council), P.-Pres. I. Water E., Chairman of Sectional Committee on C.I. Pipes, B.E.S.A., Director of South Hants Waterworks Co.; Cons.

Lecturer in Municipal Engineering and Town Planning, Royal Technical College, Glasgow. MACBRAYNE, Laurence, M.A., O.B.E., A.I.N.A., M.I.E.S. (Member of Council); b. 1866. Ed. Chelt. Served in 2nd World War as Field Unit Commander, R.A.S.C. with rank of Major. Member of T.F.A. for Dumfriesshire; was National Service Representative for Dumfriesshire. Faculty of Engineering; Polytechnic, London, Department of Electrical Engineering. Director and Secretary, P. H. Wakefield Ltd., Worcester. Appointed to present position in 1950. Private address: 3, Walford Place, Rugby. BAGNALL-WILD, Brig-General Ralph Kirby, C.M.G., C.B.E., D.L., J.P. Past President, Institution of Automobile Engineers.

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