Powerlink lpj2-18 схема

powerlink lpj2-18 схема
Горят эти fan-ы крайне редко, в первую очередь проверять 10-омный резистор по ее (ШИМ) питанию. Я один раз долго бился, а он слегка подгорел и на питании ШИМ-а было 8в вместо 12. Я их просто выкидываю и перемычки ставлю. Тогда напряжение на ноге 2 будет равно: 5*(R2/R1) = 5*(1220/4740) = 1.28 вольт. Some voltage regulators inside the PSU apparently have no trouble delivering 120 watts to a temperature controlled heated bed, others need to be oversized.

The 5V rail is always oversized (which doesn’t matter), attention should be on the 12V rail’s capabilities. Safety Generally, power supplies built into PCs are reasonably safe, even when used outside a PC. They have good overload and overheat protection built in. No high voltage parts touchable unless you open the housing. Don’t open the housing unless absolutely neccessary. If you think you have to open the housing, think twice. In almost all cases it’s not needed. If you still think you need to do so, disconnect the mains cable and wait at least 10 minutes. Electronics prepared for PC Power Supplies Some RepRap electronics are already prepared to be used with PC power supplies units (PSUs). There you can plug connectors already fitted to the PSU’s cables directly into the RepRap board, no modification or opening of the unit required. Главной обязанностью схемы DC-DC конвертера, является кормление процессора.

Поменял мультик — U3, стала заводиться, но через раз. You generally only need to connect a wire from black (ground) and yellow (+12 V) to the RepRap. To supply higher current, it is a good idea to connect several of the black wires together to provide ground and several of the yellow wires together. Причина — короткозамкнутые витки в первичной обмотке трансформатора (обнаружены при его разборке) . ‹ Блок питаия be quiet!

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