Poe-inj-48vdc схема

poe-inj-48vdc схема
Any devices that are not PoE Compatible can be converted to Power-over-Ethernet by way of a DC-tap. Pin 4 together with pin 5 as a +VDC positive power, and pin 7 together with pin 8 -VDC negative power. The TS400 Fielbus controller is expanded with the TS400 Local in- output modules. TS400 Local in- output modules Thanks to the integration of tried and trusted WAGO I/O technology, a broad range of inputs and outputs are available.

The TS400 DM Operator module LAN displays all messages in plaintext. This means an optimal, space-saving and cost-saving solution is available for all voltage variants. The menuoperated parameterisation does not require any in-depth programming knowledge due to visualisation. Built in protection circuitsThe PSW4824-POE feature built in over voltage, over current and short circuit protection. If an overload is detected, the power shuts down automatically; when the overload is cleared, the power is restored. Place Cat5/E cable from the RJ45 marked Output to your remote equipment. At the remote location tap (strip) the power from the cable, regulate the power via any one of our power supply regulators kit that match your equipment requirements. After logging in, users can monitor the actual status of the system.

The PSW4824-POE can convert any of L-com’s 120VAC industrial enclosures into a 48VDC PoE ready enclosure. Each controller can manage 2000 digital or 1000 analogue I/Os. The connection to the TS400 CPU Processor is realised with Ethernet. The fault indicating system TS400 includes a timer with numerous integrated functions.

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